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Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 IP65

List Per Day: £10.00

List Per Week: £30.00

*Trade and long term discounts available

The Showtec Spectral M800 is probably one of the best-known
spots within the Showtec assortment. These robust and reliable
fixtures are added to almost every lightshow at any event or
festival in Europe.

The new Spectral M800 Q4 IP65 has been upgraded to a true
RGBW fixture. This not only enriches the entire colour spectrum, but also
increases the light output by 30%. The built-in virtual colour wheel, which contains the most common colours, is accessible via manual control or in automatic mode.

An aluminium die-cast housing, 14 RGBW LEDs providing a great colour mix in the near field without any RGB colour shadows and a full IP65 rating for housing, XLR and Seetronic power connectors ensures reliable outdoor use even in the most severe weather conditions.
With this upgraded fixture the Showtec Spectral series will continue the legacy of being the most popular and reliable industry standard for professional entertainment lighting.

Also in stock are the standard RGB IP65 Spectral M800. 


Spectral IP65 LED

14 x 5W RGBW
65W Max Power
Tour, TR16, AR1.D, 8Bit, 16BI, SSP, ARC2, AR2D, AR2S Control modes
180 x 235 x 320 mm
5.2 kg
Powercon power in/out
Forced Convection
DMX512 & RDM

Green Spectral M800
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